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5 Reasons to Use Social Media Templates

March 9, 2022

Social media is not just a trend. It is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. One tip to upping your social media presence is to take advantage of pre-made templates. Pre-made social media templates are editable graphics / videos that allow you to incorporate your own brand: logo, fonts, color pallet, etc.

Here are 5 reasons we suggest using social media templates:

1. Templates save time
Social media is time consuming. Posting regularly, varying content, engaging with your audience, staying up on trends, etc. You can get burnt out just thinking about it. Taking advantage of pre-made templates will save you time during the design process. Once you have selected your templates for different types of posts, you can just rotate the new content into each template.

2.Templates are correctly sized for each platform
Each social media platform has specific dimensions they favor for graphics and videos. Using a template ensures that your content is always properly sized and easily digestible for your audience.

3. Templates build consistency
Consistency across social media platforms is important. It helps establish your brand, creating authority within your space. A cohesive brand makes you recognizable to current and potential clients. Having branded templates across multiple marketing profiles gives you a clear aesthetic.

4. Templates help vary your content
Templates will help you add variety to your content. Your social media content should include a rich assortment of different types of posts: graphics, videos, testimonials, facts, etc. Varying your content will elevate your social media platforms and keep your audience more engaged. Assigning a different template to each type of post will help you quickly identify what type of post you should incorporate into your content next and guarantee variety.

5.Templates are aesthetically pleasing
Let’s face it: not every business has a graphic designer on staff. Pre-made templates are built by professionals to look good and elevate your platform. Taking advantage of templates and building a cohesive brand identity across your social media platforms will make your content more appealing to the masses.

Have you tried a pre-made template before? What were your thoughts? Looking for a free place to start? Check out for a variety of free editable templates.

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