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5 Things Every Website Needs

February 24, 2022

Websites are a great way to communicate with your customers and lead them down a path to conversion. The aspects a website needs often varies depending on the industry, but there are some features that should be universally included for any business. 

Google Analytics 

Every website should be using Google Analytics or a similar analytics provider for their business. Google Analytics measures use and engagement to see how customers are moving through your site. It will help you understand where your website drives traffic, where you retain and lose users, and website navigability. It’s also a good idea to either learn or hire someone to set up conversion events on Analytics for best results. You can learn more about conversion events and how to create them here on Google’s Analytics Help page. 

Call to Action

A call to action is either a button or prompt, asking customers to take an action that would be a conversion. This could be anything from purchasing a product, scheduling an appointment, or obtaining contact information for an email list. The goal of the website is leading the customer to this call to action and have them commit to it during their session. For this reason, you want the call to action to be as clear as possible. 

Contact Information 

On a similar note, your customers might not be ready for the conversion action. You’ll want to make sure they have some way to contact you in case they have questions. This could be a phone number, contact form, a live chat, etc. Having contact information easily accessible on your website also gives your business legitimacy to your customers. 

Basic Structure for Search Engine Optimization

Your website won’t matter if no one can find it. By making sure your site has titles, descriptions, and alt tags, your website can be visible and accessible to its users. Unsure what SEO is or how to use it effectively? Try out our course SEO for Beginners to develop your SEO skills and start growing your business. 

Responsive Design

Responsive design is very important for keeping users on your website. Your website should look good and be compatible on every device. It should also be easy to navigate and function, while also leading customers where you want them to go (conversion!) with ease. 


These are the universal features we believe should be utilized for every website. To hear more about some of our own recommendations here at Byte Size Academy, check out Things Every Website Needs on our YouTube channel. It discusses everything covered in this blog as well as a few variations depending on your industry. If you’re struggling to build your website on your own, try our course Digital Marketing That Doesn’t Suck or schedule a call with us for some guidance! 

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