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Become A Hero On A Mission

December 8, 2021

Too many of us are so busy in our lives that we find ourselves stagnant, without direction or meaning. Many of us know how the dangerous thought of “I’ll start that tomorrow” can so easily turn into procrastination or forgetfulness. Regret and a struggle for meaning are all too common when we reflect on our lives. It’s difficult to know where to start when charting the direction of your life, especially around the Holidays. 

We want to help you bring control back to your life. The Hero on a Mission workshop can help you recapture your sense of purpose. This class will guide you through creating a life plan. We’ll create ten-year, five-year, and even one-year plans, starting with the end in mind and working our way backwards. The workshop will also teach effective goal setting to not only clarify your goals but also create the steps to achieve them. The work doesn’t stop there, and the daily planner we provide will be essential for managing your progress. We’ll teach you how to fill out your planner to prioritize your daily tasks and find meaning in every day. The workshop lasts four hours. This time is dedicated to you as we have an open-minded discussion about what you really want out of life. We want to inspire real change here and help you write a better life for yourself, so be prepared for a time of vulnerability. In this class we want to cultivate the mindset that life isn’t just something that happens to you, it’s something that you can create. This doesn’t just include the goals you’re working toward, but also the perspective you view your challenges. After completing the Hero on a Mission workshop, you’ll know how to make progress every day towards your goals while keeping your life’s sense of meaning. You can also follow up with us anytime afterwards if you need coaching, somebody to discuss your goals with, or have questions. Below you will see a quick trailer for the course.

 It’s time to take action. This is YOUR life. Take it out of the hands of fate and start trusting yourself. Your agency is a powerful thing, don’t give it away so easily. Whether you’re searching for purpose in your life or for your company, the Hero on a Mission workshop can help you clarify and focus on what you need to get done.  Join us for the workshop at 9am EST on December 30th on Zoom. This is the perfect time to start new habits and take control of your life. 

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