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Google Analytics FAQ

June 15, 2022

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful, yet underused, digital marketing tool for business owners and entrepreneurs. Today we share some of our most frequently asked questions from clients and students alike about Google Analytics and how to properly wield it to our advantage as marketers.  

Why do I need Google Analytics? 

When it comes to marketing your business, you don’t want it to be a guessing game. Whether you’re using Google Analytics, Microsoft clarity, or something similar, these can serve as really powerful tools for informed business decisions. 

At first, you might not realize the insight that Google Analytics provides, and reports can be difficult to understand at first. Our recommendation is to take some time to learn the various components of Analytics and the purposes of each report. This will help you discover how your users are moving through your website, what they’re interacting with, and what is leading them to conversion. 

With these insights, you can optimize your website, marketing offers, social media, and online presence to better serve your audience. 

Can Google Analytics tell me exactly who visits my website? 

Simply put, no. We often get asked this question by clients who want to reach out and follow up with their site’s visitors. Google Analytics is anonymized – users are assigned random numbers and you can view how they interact with and move through your website. You cannot get their email or IP address, and for good reason. This would be a huge privacy violation! 

One thing you can do though, is add a remarketing tag through Analytics. It’ll run ads to people that have visited your site without converting, while still protecting their privacy. 

What is ‘bounce rate’?

Simply speaking, bounce rate measures the number of people that have come to your website, take no action, and leave. In Google Analytics terms, ‘take no action’ just means that they didn’t click on anything, watch a video, fill out a form, etc. 

Many business owners fixate on their bounce rate, but in some cases, users might stay on your page, get the information they need, and leave without taking action. There are a lot of sites that get high bounce rates, but it’s important that this should be taken in conjunction with other metrics, to view what’s actually happening. 

Can I track button clicks?

Yes, you can easily track button clicks or other actions through Google Analytics, through events. With the new Google Analytics being rolled out, it’s not hard to set up events, especially through the tag manager. You can easily track how people are engaging with different types of content on your website, from button clicks, video watches, and more. 

Again, Google Analytics is truly a powerful tool, allowing you to see what on your site is actually resonating with your audience. So, not only can you track button clicks, you absolutely should for the sake of your business. 

How often should I look at my metrics? 

There are a lot of differing opinions when it comes to the frequency we should view our Google Analytics pages. Here’s our thoughts: If you’re actively running a campaign and paying for ads, you should be checking your reports once a day. Consistency is key for this. Pick a time that works for you. You should be looking at your reports around the same time each day, especially if you’re keeping track of the data. 

While you’re viewing your metrics, take some time to analyze how the campaign is going. Don’t make too many adjustments throughout the campaign – it won’t give you a clear, consistent picture of the campaign’s performance, and traffic differs based on the day of the week. Making decisions based on weekly results will give you a better idea of how your paid traffic impacts your visits and interactions. 

There are some times when stopping the campaign early is appropriate. During the first day or two, it’s normal to expect less than ideal results. However, if the campaign has been running for a week, and it’s just bleeding money, it might be a good idea to stop the campaign and examine what might have gone wrong. 


We hope these FAQs have helped you learn something new about Google Analytics. Check out the full Google Analytics FAQ video on our YouTube channel! If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact for everything Google Analytics.

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