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writing effective product descriptions

How to Write Effective Product Descriptions

October 22, 2019

When setting up your ecommerce website, are product descriptions really that important? We say yes! Before making a purchase, consumers want to know all the details of a product. If your product description is well worded and detailed, customers should have no question in their mind that your product is the right one for them. 

Tips for effective product descriptions

Write descriptions for your buyer persona

When you know exactly who your customers are and what they want to hear, you can pretty much sell them anything. In your description, highlight the features that would be the most enticing to your persona. While you write, think about details like:

  • How the customer got to your page (social media/Google/email)
  • What the customer’s interests are
  • What their gender is
  • What their age is
  • What their income might look like
  • What problems they are trying to solve
  • What would stop them from buying

Let these details guide your messaging so you’re delivering exactly what the customer needs.

Beef up descriptions with features and benefits

Now that you know your buyer persona, you can beef up your copy to highlight the benefits of your product. Things like “all day comfort” or “comfort and flexibility” call out to your customer who values comfort in a product.

Add a little flair with tone

If your business is on the quirky, fun side, it’d be off brand to have straightforward or bland product description. Add a little tone and voice to your product descriptions based on your brand! It’ll make your descriptions more fun to read and might get you a new customer out of it.

Make it easy to read

Online shopping culture is all about efficiency, which should carry through to the product description as well. Add some quick bullets of information for ultimate scannability. On first glance, a customer might not want to read multiple paragraphs, so make it easy.

Don’t forget the keywords

In order to have your products show up high in the rankings of a Google search, you’re going to want to identify and use the most compelling keywords in your copy. Add phrases you know your customers might type in to search for your product. For the best results, it’s suggested to use these keywords in the product title, product description, alt tag, and meta description. Let’s say you sell baby clothes. You might want to include keywords like “cute baby clothes,” “newborn girl clothes” and “baby easter dress.” Using these keywords could move your online store up in the search results when someone searches for Easter outfits for babies! If you’re not sure about keywords, do some research. Try out Google’s free keyword planner to figure out the types of things your customers search for.

Try out these tips, test new copy, and optimize until you create something that truly resonates with your customers! If you have any questions or need help with your ecommerce website, reach out to us. 

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