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5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Stand Out

February 24, 2022

The social media landscape is constantly evolving. Popularity between platforms can change drastically from one year to the next.


Each has its own demographic and target audience, but Facebook and Youtube continue to hold the top spots for overall popularity. Instagram currently has around 1.38 billion users and sits firmly in third, even with TikTok emerging last year as the most intriguing platform. Because of its diverse user demographic, suite of business tools, and various types of posts available, Instagram is a great focus for businesses that do not have the bandwidth for multiple social media accounts. Additionally, Facebook (now known as Meta) owns Instagram so it allows for easy content sharing between the two platforms.


*Pro Tip- Youtube is owned by Google and is the second most popular search engine, so if you have the ability to handle an additional social media account and long form video, this should be your secondary focus.


So how do you make your instagram account stand out? Here are 5 tips to help you thrive!


Involve Your Community
Your current community wants to see you succeed and grow. Ask them to share your posts. Encourage engagement through polls and questions. Share your followers’ posts when it pertains to relevant information.

High Quality Photos
Make sure your photos are doing your products and your brand justice. In this day and age everyone has a phone that can take high quality images, it is your job to set the scene. Take lighting and staging into consideration.

Plan Ahead
Coming up with content on the fly is hard. Posting everyday is time consuming. Batching your content and scheduling it out ahead of time will simplify the process and save you time!

Get Fancy With Your Video
Experiment with some of the new video features available for reels. Transitions, music, and other fun things will help elevate your content.

Vary Your Content
On the same page as experimenting with video features, try your hand at different types of content. Stories, reels, videos, and going live will all help you draw in different engagement.


Just starting your instagram journey or looking to review the basics? Check out our Instagram for Entrepreneurs course here!



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