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Pick up the Slack in the Workplace

January 3, 2022

Slack was developed as a new way to communicate in the workplace. Its instant messaging system has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Many businesses now use the app as their primary mode of communication, not to mention the platform’s other features. So, what’s so great about slack? And is it really “where the future works”?


Let’s first explore some of the basics of Slack and what it has to offer.

Channels – By using channels, Slack allows you to organize your conversations for different topics or projects. Conversations remain focused by adding team members to their designated channels. It also allows for files to be more organized in their designated area. It also makes it easier to share files to the right people. Channel searchability also makes it easier to find files and conversations later.

Messaging – Slack’s messaging system is often heralded for its features. Its notification system and ability to mention (@) people makes it easy for quick responses or updates to a project. The way direct messaging and channels are set up also allows for messaging to various people at once, while keeping the conversations organized. This feature can vastly approve communication across and within departments.

Accessibility – Slack boasts the platform’s convenience. Features including keyboard shortcuts, screen readers, zoom level, and navigation commands, are provided to increase its accessibility. Slack also allows for a lot of customization to its users, like Dark Mode, message display settings, name customization. Overall, Slack is considered a very user-friendly platform for companies.

These are just a few of the many features you might find on Slack. Now let’s discuss some of the major pros and cons we’ve seen from its users.


  • Quick communication to team members
  • User-friendly
  • Voice and video call make it easier than ever to be working from home
  • Huddle and screenshare features
  • Pin important information for quick access
  • You can set reminders so you never forget a meeting or any other important information
  • Usage across platforms
  • Integration with other apps like Google, Zoom, Dropbox, etc.
  • Client management is a lot easier through features like Slack Connect


  • Storage limitations for free version
  • Searching features could be better – old files or conversations can be difficult to find
  • Can cost up to $12.50/month. Other levels are cheaper but with less features and storage
  • Can be difficult to manage for large projects/companies if there are too many channels


Slack can be an extremely useful tool for your business, when used correctly. If you wish to use the free version of the platform, make sure to be aware of its limitations. Don’t overwhelm yourself and your team with too many channels. Make sure to organize conversations, but keep them focused. Though its many features may be overwhelming to learn at first, Slack can transform the way your business communicates and functions.

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