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what to know before starting a wix website

5 Things You Should Know Before Building a Wix Website

May 14, 2019

Used by over 90 million people, Wix is an industry leader among template website creators. Website builders like Wix have transferred the knowledge of web designers and developers over to average joes and business owners. Building a website has never been easier! The ease of use and inexpensive price tag make Wix a force to be reckoned with when small businesses are looking to build a website. Before you purchase a plan and start building a Wix website, take a look at these five things you should know.

Wix has hundreds of designer templates and apps to add to your website.

This is both a good and a bad thing. Yes, more variety and options allow for increased individuality; however, it could result in a cluttered website. Sometimes less is more. Having all of those options can be overwhelming for some users and could cause a website to look too busy. In turn, website visitors may find it difficult to find the information they’re looking for, which is never good!

You can’t switch templates or export your website information.

Once you choose a template and begin working, there’s no changing that template unless you want to lose the work you’ve done. If you decide to use Wix, take your time when choosing a template and definitely make sure it can provide all of the features your business needs. Additionally, if you decide to leave Wix and use another website builder, you’ll have no luck in exporting all of your content and information into one handy file. For businesses with large websites, this can be a huge pain. The best option for saving your site content is the timeless copy and paste method.

Wix websites are better suited to smaller online stores.

If your business requires an online store, Wix is a good option if you’re only selling a handful of products. The website builder offers specific templates and plans for eCommerce; however, it is definitely not suited for businesses trying to rival eBay or Amazon. If you have larger ambitions and complex feature requirements, it is probably best to look elsewhere.

Wix’s customizability is good if you don’t mind coloring within the lines.

Wix’s greatest advantage is its intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Once you choose a template, building your website is cake. All you have to do is fill in the empty spaces. This is great news for people who have zero experience building websites. For those who know a thing or two about web development, the customization features of Wix websites can seem constricting and frustrating. Development-savvy users will find that editing an element exactly as they want may not be an option. If you have a very specific vision for your website, it may be best to create a custom website rather than build from a template.

Wix has a free plan.

If you’re working with a non-existent budget, Wix’s free plan can seem very tempting. Before you jump on that opportunity, just know that Wix ads will be highly visible on the side and bottom of your screen and in your Wix website address (ex: With ads presents, potential customers could look at your website and decide not to do business with you. The ads could make your business look unprofessional and untrustworthy. Upgrading just to the $14/month plan will score you zero advertisements and a free domain!


Wix is a fantastic tool for getting a website up quickly. The best part is it doesn’t require any prior experience with building a website. For businesses and users just looking to put together a simple website, Wix is a great option. If you require specific functionality and customization, a custom website could be the best option.

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